We’re a production studio co-founded by former Louis Vuitton producer Varick Loyer and esports and gaming communications group Hurrah.

Hurrah.studio’s ambition is to elevate production standards for content in esports and gaming.

It combines five years of experience in esports and gaming-specific communications with premium production techniques refined in the luxury sector. Whether it be cinematics, esports trailers, media days or still-life photography, the studio dedicates itself to producing top-notch content for esports fans and gamers. Loyer has worked in the luxury sector for four years. Prior to working with Louis Vuitton, he cut his production teeth with brands that include Cartier, Balmain, Yves Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gauthier, and Armani.

Working on the League of Legends partnership between Louis Vuitton and Riot Games was a eureka moment for me. It opened my eyes to the value that experts from luxury and esports could bring to the table for mutual benefit. Now is the best time to bring mainstream advertising’s storytelling strengths into esports as entertainment standards rise.

Varick Loyer

Hurrah.studio cofounder & creative producer
Production standards are rising. So is the expectation that esports deliver a more inclusive, relatable entertainment experience, without undermining its competitive nature. That’s why you come to us.

Angela Natividad

Hurrah.group co-founder
Launching Hurrah.studio after five years of externalizing our productions was crucial to continue to create the greatest branded content we can, for esports fans and gamers. With Hurrah.studio, we’re not only delivering top-notch content for Hurrah.agency and Hurrah.media’ clients, we are also paving the way for luxury-like standards in other esports and gaming content.

Mathieu Lacrouts

Hurrah.group CEO


We want to make the kind of qualitative content we know fans want and deserve.

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